Boy Scouts

Troop 513 is a member of the National Pike District of the Baltimore Area Council and has a tradition of providing character building, physical fitness and skills development to boys between the ages of 10 1/2 and 18 years of age.
Scouting is an activity that boys and their parents can enjoy together. It's also an activity that the boys can take into adulthood. Some of our adult leaders have been active in scouting since their own childhood and others since their sons joined scouting as first graders.

Troop 513 is fortunate to have experienced some recent growth. Much of the credit for this growth can be attributed to the efforts of a small group of dedicated adults, led by our scoutmaster. The primary function of the troop committee is to make policies for the troop. The committee is composed of adults, all registered with the Boy Scouts of America, who meet monthly to discuss troop activities and make policy.
Our Boy Scout troop, like most others, is a boy led organization. The boys, through the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC), make decisions about troop activities and camping trips. However, to maintain the high degree of success enjoyed by the boys in the troop, it is essential that a continuous flow of adult leaders be available to work with the boys on advancement and to accompany them on camping trips and other troop activities.
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