The Male Chorus

1Timothy 4:5-7 “A Good Servant of Jesus Christ If you instruct the brethren in these things, you will be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished in the words of faith and of the good doctrine which you have carefully followed.”

The Male Chorus was organized in 1972 to sing songs of praise at the First Baptist Church of Guilford (FBCOG) under the direction of Deacon Remus Dorsey. The chorus is filled with dedicated men who are spiritual and blessed with brotherly love. Their membership now stands at forty-six (46) voices.

The Male Chorus sings the every first Sunday during morning worship. In keeping with God’s music ministry, the group has traveled extensively for over 35 years carrying the message in song throughout the states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, California and the District of Columbia. The Male Chorus loves to sing songs of praise, with God in front of them, Jesus beside them, and the Holy Spirit within their hearts. The Male Chorus is rededicating themselves to their continued musical ministry, praise, worship, and growth in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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