Trustee Ministry

The Trustee Ministry of First Baptist Church of Guilford (FBCOG) is responsible for the financial transactions of the church. The Trustee Ministry also manages the care, control, and maintenance of all church property. In addition, the ministry serves as the legal representatives in the business and financial affairs of the church. It is the only official body recognized by the State of Maryland to conduct legal matters within the church. In addition to its duties and responsibilities, the Trustee Ministry conducts and sponsors seminars for its members on Christian Stewardship.

The church history records the late Richard Carter as the first chairman of the Trustee Board. He was the husband of the late Mrs. Dora Mack Carter. He handled the financial matters of the church and served in a dedicated manner until his death in 1941. An immediate successor was not elected. Under the leadership of the late Rev. Arbie Dean Webb, Hubert Mason was elected as the trustee chairman. Dr. Silas E. Craft, Morris Woodson, Edward Beck, James Mott, Noah Hunter, Mrs. Cossette Harding, and Irvin Thomas were soon additions to the board. In the late 1960’s, Frank Curry was elected as the chairman of the trustee board. Mr. Curry helped pioneer the construction of the old church and provided equipment for its operations. Dr. Silas Craft soon became the chairperson of the now called Trustee Ministry, and was the Project Manager for our present edifice; and it is known that Mrs. Cossette Harding was the first female to be elected to the Trustee Board.

The Church trustees are elected by vote of the church body or are appointed by the Pastor to a three-year (3) term and can be re-elected after their terms have expired. On approval of the church, a trustee should be installed as soon as possible and must serve a probationary period of at least six (6) months.

Sister Beverly Everson-Jones currently serves as the Chairlady of the Trustee Ministry.